MBBS at Hubei University of Medicine

China, Hubei, Shiyan, Maojian District, 442000

15,000 RMB

Tuition Fees Per Year

Shiyan, China

City and province

The Hubei University of Medicine

The Hubei University of Medicine is a public university in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. The university was founded in the year 1965, it was originally known as Wuhan Medical College Yunyang School. The college was established in Yun County, which is a remote area in mountains of the north of Hubei province. The presently known Hubei University got its name after multiple transitions.

At first, the university was established as Wuhan medical college Yunyang School.

Wuhan Medical College Yunyang School in the year 1965. The university was led by a team of 50 professionals and managers.

The university was initially established in Yunyang, Hubei Province.

Later, the school was relocated to Shiyan City, Yunyang, Hubei.

In 1986, the school was renamed to Tongji Medical University Yunyang.

In 1994, the name was again changed to Yunyang Medical college.

The college incorporated with Shiyan Health/Medical School and Shiyan Nursing School, in the year 1998.

In the year 2010, the university was renamed to Hubei University of medicine.

The Hubei University of medicine at present is incorporated 12 schools of basic medical sciences, clinical nursing and pharmacy.

The university enrols 15000 full-time students studying there. There are more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate foreigners studying from countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania.

The Hubei University in recent years has undertaken 525 research projects, of which 492 papers are cited by SCI, EI and ISTP.

The Hubei University of Medicine offers courses and programs directing to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, doctorate degrees in different areas of education.

The purpose of the program is to educate and train the undergraduate students to develop medical knowledge, standardized clinical skills, and an appropriate professional attitude, that will lay the foundation for their further study in medical practice, medical research, health management etc. The medium of teaching at Hubei University of medicine in English.

Once a student completes his/her medical studies from Hubei University obtain the following knowledge and expertise-

- The student is well aware and skilled in basic theories and knowledge of preclinical and clinical knowledge. - Diagnosis and treatment of common and infectious diseases. - Primary treatment of emergency cases, complicated and severe diseases. - Basic knowledge and practice in preventive medicine.

Hubei University offers diverse undergraduate schools like

- Basic Medical Sciences
- First Clinical
- Second Clinical
- Third Clinical
- Fourth Clinical
- Dentistry
- Pharmacy
- Nursing
- The Institute of Public Administration
- Biomedical Engineering
- Continuing Education

The Hubei university offers the following master's programs.

- Clinical Medicine
- General Surgery
- Orthopaedics Surgery
- Paediatrics
- Dermatology
- Radiology

There are following institutes and research laboratories of Hubei University-

- Hubei Key Lab of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
- Life Sciences Institute
- Basic Medicine Institute
- Clinical Medicine Institute
- Liver Surgery Institute

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- The Hubei University ranking in the country is 727.
- The Hubei University ranking in the world is 5546.


While applying for Hubei University admissions, the student must keep in mind the following points-

- The candidate must be between 17 to 25 years of age.
- Candidate must have passed the 10+ 2 exams in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology in their curriculum.
- The candidates should have secured a score of 70 per cent and above in all of the three subjects mentioned above.
- The candidates should have studying experience of two years of all the three subjects.
- NEET qualification is mandatory.
- An IELTS or TOEFL score is required.
- The candidates should have good fluency in English and should be able to communicate freely.


Getting a seat in MBBS college is a dream for all the students who want to study medicine. Therefore China becomes a favourable spot for many students.

For seeking Hubei.University admission the candidate is required to keep the following documents up to date before starting the application process.

Application Form:
- Scan copy of 10th mark sheet.
- Scan copy of 12th mark sheet.
- Scan copy of passport.
- Scan copy of four passport photos.
- Scan copy of medical examination form.


The student is required to follow the mentioned steps for securing a seat at Hubei University.

The applicant must fill the online application form which is available on the official website of the university. The candidates are required to submit the form with the above-mentioned documents in the format as mentioned by the university.

Then the application fees, admission fees and the processing fees are required to be paid as per the university rules.

Within 7-10 working days after making the payment, the candidate receives the official invitation letter issued by the university.

The next step is to send the documents for processing to the Ministry of Education in China. This is quite essential for the issuance of the JW2O2 form and without this form, the Chinese Embassy would not be processing a student visa for MBBS admission China.


Year Tuition fee Hostel fee Insurance+ Visa Reg +dev fee Total cost
1st year 15000 RMB 5000 RMB 1400 RMB 15100 RMB 37500 RMB
2nd year 15000 RMB 5000 RMB 1400 RMB 22400 RMB
3rd year 15000 RMB 5000 RMB 1400 RMB 22400 RMB
4th year 15000 RMB 5000 RMB 1400 RMB 22400 RMB
5th year 15000 RMB 5000 RMB 1400 RMB 22400 RMB


The Hubei University of Medicine offers a double room for overseas students.

- Dormitories are also available for the students in the school itself.
- Dormitories include all the basic facilities with the personal kitchen to cook food or snacks.
- The hostel facilities include beds, table, chairs, cupboard, wi-fi facility, water, hot water etc.
- The school apartment provides a comprehensive living facility, including a-conditioner, internet, water cooler, bed, desk and chairs, washroom with a shower and 24 hours of hot water etc.
- Hostels at Hubei University of medicine are provided with mess facility which delivers hygienic and tasty food.