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Filled with amazing Flemish Renaissance architecture, the Western European country of Belgium has a flair that’s all its own. With the bilingual capital of Brussels at its center, Belgium is divided into two separate regions: the southern Wallonia where they speak French, and Flanders at the north with Dutch as its primary language. In 1994, it was made a federal state which allowed each of its cultures to be equally represented. Its beautiful countryside adds to its historic charm and with exports like gemstones from Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, and fresh sugar beets from its farming community, Belgium should be a must-visit on everyone’s bucket list.

Why Study in Belgium?

Belgium is in the heart of Europe, just a short train ride away from major cultural cities such as Paris and Berlin. As a crossroads of Europe, Belgium is known for its multiculturalism and welcoming attitude toward international students.

Belgian institutes of higher education are recognized around the world by both the business and scientific communities for their high quality. Belgium also boats a high quality of life, including low tuition, excellent health care and a robust public transportation network.

Admission Requirements of Belgium Universities for Pakistani Students

Admissions in Belgian universities are granted on merit base. The admission requirements will be notified to student upon submitting online application with detail. However, overall 72% grades in previous degrees will be required at least for admission in under graduate or post graduate study programmes. The candidates also have to prove their proficiency in the language which is medium of instruction of their chosen study programme. For English taught study programme, 6.5 are minimum bands required in IELTS test and Grade C is minimum grade accepted in Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency. These are the minimum academic requirements for admissions; it may differ from programme to programme and universities in Belgium. For admission in medical, veterinary, IT and business management study programmes the minimum grades would be 80% overall. The universities have their own entry requirements, SAT and ACT tests are also set as compulsory entry requirement for admissions by many Belgian Universities.

How to apply

Each university programme has specific entry requirements, but all applications are submitted online through the institution's portal. Applications are typically conducted in the language of the programme.

The standard application documents include:

1. photocopies of your passport
2. your passport photo
3. academic qualifications and transcripts (and translated copies of these documents into Dutch or French)
4. proof of language proficiency
5. recommendation letters
6. a motivation letter
7. your CV.

Study Expenses:

The tuition fee in Belgian Universities is different for EU and Non EU nationals. The Belgian Government runs several scholarship programmes to facilitate and encourage international enrollments in their universities on merit and academic excellence basis which is assess through entrance examinations. On average for admission in post graduate study programme the per year tuition fee will be around 1000 to 4000 Euros for Non EU students. There are three regions in Belgium and universities of each region have different tuition fee charges. In Walloon Region of Belgium, a full time post graduate study programme will cost around 850 Euros per year, in Flemish Region the tuition fee will be nearly 2500 Euros for post graduate programmed and in Brussels Region the tuition fee will be higher than other regions.

Part Time Work:

Belgium has allowed international students to work part time during their university years. However, it is compulsory for students to attain a work permit which will be valid for a year at first and can be renewed for another year according to duration of study programme. To attain work permit the students would be required to follow the following procedure:

File application for Work Permit C Type at Department of Economic Migration

Submit Required Documents (The list of documents required to attain work permit C type of Belgium for part time work are enlisted in this article)

The student gaining a work permit receives all the rights and benefits as an indigenous employee does. Part-time working hours are allowed during semesters, and full-time working hours are allowed during semester breaks.

Post Graduation Work:

Like many European countries, Belgium is generous enough to allow international students extend their student visa for one year even after their degree is completed. During this duration, you get a chance to get hold of an employment position in Belgium that pays you enough to bear your accommodation, living and health care expenses. By getting an employment contract you can apply for permanent residency of Belgium which will be granted to you according to your profession, employment position and qualification.

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