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As we all know, obtaining admission to study MBBS at Pakistani universities is difficult, and due to limited seats and several different challenges, a large number of Pakistani students are preferring to study MBBS overseas. MBBS in China is the most popular among students interested in medicine since it is less expensive than in Pakistan or other nations. It also provides extraordinarily high-quality education because all universities in China are government-owned.

As the world’s second-largest economy, China is home to some of the world’s greatest medical schools. The answer is that these universities can afford to enroll international students at such low fees because the country has a high education finance program for creative work in the field of medical research.

China has been Pakistan’s closest neighbor for many years and has a long and illustrious history. Nonetheless, given China’s special challenges, many people would feel that living in China would be difficult. Chinese people like Pakistani culture and are always kind to Pakistanis. They have pleasant and engaging personalities. When you visit China, you will realize that all you have been reading or listening to about China has been completely false.

Every year, China increases its investment in education. They collaborate with the research and scholarship financing system to help international students study MBBS in China. Because all of China’s universities are government-owned, the foundation established and offices provided in the colleges are regularly preserved at a higher level. Given that medical education in China is well regarded across the world, and China has more than 50 universities among the top 500 medical schools in the world.

China Medical University, which offers two medical programs to medical students, is the finest in the world for MBBS overseas. The major curriculum lasts four years and is recognized as MD (Doctor of Medicine). The following undergraduate curriculum includes five years of theoretical and practical training, as well as one year of internship. Top medical organizations such as the PMC, WHO, NMC, WFME, and IMED have rated 45 Chinese medical schools. The whole educational cost for the 5+1 year MBBS program is completely fair for Pakistani students up to 7 lakh with A-list medical offices. Those medical students who want to practice in Pakistan after finishing the MBBS degree must qualify for NEXT (National Exit Test). It is a mandatory test required for medical licensure in Pakistan. MBBS in China also grants medical students the right to work in China, where they can earn up to 65 percent more with an acceptable medical services framework than in Pakistani systems.

Regarding China

China is the world’s third largest country and has the largest population. Furthermore, China has a plethora of things for tourists to explore. China, along with the Babylonian, Mayan, and Egyptian civilizations, is one of the most classic advancements. For nearly 3,000 years, an accurate record of China’s experiences has existed. China is one of the world’s top five largest countries. China is the world’s third-largest country in terms of domain and people. It is also one of the oldest civic institutions, a fascinating society. China is considered one of the “Four Ancient Civilizations.” China, along with the Babylonian, Mayan, and Egyptian civilizations, is one of the most ancient human advances. For nearly 3,000 years, an accurate record of China’s experiences has existed. The geography of China is quite diverse. Tibet is the highest point in China. China possesses the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, at 8,848 meters (29,029 feet), as well as the world’s third-lowest point, Turpan Depression, at 154 meters (- 505 ft.). China also has the most orders, with 14 countries bordering it: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and North Korea. Learn more about China’s neighbors and how they affect China and vice versa. Throughout the preceding 30 years, China’s economy has been the world’s fastest-growing (10 percent or more each year). It is now the world’s second-largest economy, with a GDP of 11.4 trillion USD in 2016. The lone extant pictographic composing structure is based in Chinese. It is widely acknowledged to be the world’s most widely spoken and most difficult-to-learn first language.

Benefits of MOE Listed Universities:

Why Should You Study Medicine (MBBS) in China?

🔹 China’s medical education has attracted students for a long time. Every year, a large number of students come to China to further their medical studies
🔹 The country is improving medically to demonstrate the new ways
🔹 45 government universities are PMC-accredited
🔹 From a global perspective, the colleges rank highly
🔹 A straightforward admissions method with no selection exam
🔹 China Medical University is considered cheap
🔹 Colleges provide rewards to deserving students
🔹 Daily expenses are modest
🔹 English is the medium of instruction
🔹 The duration of the MBBS program at China Medical University is 5+1 years (counting one year of medical practice)
🔹 The entry-level post completed in China is valid in Pakistan.
🔹 Outstanding global openness
🔹 China is a developed country, and the institutions have an elite structure to bring their pupils to the table
🔹 Numerous Pakistani students who previously studied MBBS at a Chinese medical university provide a sense of community for the newly arriving students
🔹 MBBS degrees awarded in China are globally recognized
🔹 Students benefit from the diverse culture of China when it comes to learning
🔹 Because we are neighbors, all travel associations between the two countries have arisen
🔹 China is a safe country to live in

Fee Structure for MBBS in China 2023-24

Fees for MBBS in China are shown below according to universities.

Institution Tuition Fee/Year Hostel Fee/Year in RMB
Peking Union Medical College Update Soon Update Soon
Capital Medical University 50000 RMB 11000 RMB
Nanjing Medical University 34000 RMB 6000 RMB
Southern Medical University 40,000 RMB 6000 RMB
Tianjin Medical University 48000 RMB 11500 RMB
China Medical University 40000 RMB SINGLE – 11000 RMB DOUBLE – 8000 RMB
Harbin Medical University 30000 RMB 5400
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Chongqing Medical University 21000 RMB 6000 RMB
Dalian Medical University 10,000 USD SINGLE – 11000 RMB DOUBLE – 8000 RMB
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Hubei Medical University 36000 RMB 5000 RMB
Wenzhou Medical University 30000 RMB 4000 RMB
Guangzhou Medical University 30000 RMB 6000 RMB
Anhui Medical University 32000 RMB 4000 RMB
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Fujian Medical University 35000 RMB 4000 RMB
Guangxi Medical University 35000 RMB 6000 RMB
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine 20000 RMB 4000 RMB
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University 25000 RMB 6500 RMB
Xuzhou Medical College 33000 RMB 4600 RMB
Shanxi Medical University 15000 RMB 3200 RMB
Ningxia Medical University 34000 RMB 5000 RMB
Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 25000 RMB 5000 RMB
Inner Mongolia Medical University 20000 RMB 5000 RMB
Xinxiang Medical University 18000 RMB 3000 RMB
Kunming Medical University 35000 RMB 4200 RMB – Non-AC 5000 RMB AC
Luzhou Medical College Update Soon Update Soon
Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Hunan University of Chinese Medicine 15000 RMB 4000 RMB
Liaoning Medical University 35000 RMB Triple Room – 5500 RMB DOUBLE – 6500 RMB
Hubei University of Chinese Medicine Non-Air 5000 RMB
Changchun University of Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Guangdong Medical College 22000 RMB 5000 RMB
Shenyang Medical College 25000 RMB 2500 RMB
Guangdong Pharmaceutical University 22000 RMB 5000 RMB
Xinjiang Medical University 36000 RMB 4500 RMB
Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Chengdu University of TCM Update Soon Update Soon
Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 35000 RMB 4000 RMB
Hubei University of Medicine 15000 RMB 5000 RMB
Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Weifang Medical University 22000 RMB 4600 RMB
Binzhou Medical University 18000 RMB 5000 RMB
Xi’an Medical University Update Soon Update Soon
Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine 14000 RMB 6000 RMB
Anhui University of Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Guilin Medical University 20000 RMB 3500 RMB
Hebei University of Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 45000 RMB 9000 RMB
Qiqihar Medical University 16000 RMB 3000 RMB
Taishan Medical University 20000 RMB 3200 RMB
Guiyang Medical University 16000 RMB 3000 RMB
North Sichuan Medical College 31000 RMB 6000 RMB
Chengde Medical College Update Soon Update Soon
Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities Update Soon Update Soon
Chengdu Medical College 16000 RMB 4000 RMB
Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 23000 RMB 4100 RMB
Mudanjiang Medical University Update Soon Update Soon
Bengbu Medical College 20000 RMB 2400 RMB
Changzhi Medical College Update Soon Update Soon
Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
Wannan Medical College Update Soon Update Soon
Zunyi Medical University Update Soon Update Soon
Gannan Medical University 21000 RMB 4000 RMB
Jining Medical University Update Soon Update Soon
Gansu University Traditional Chinese Medicine Update Soon Update Soon
JilinNationalitieslege 19600 RMB 5000 RMB
Hainan Medical University 20500 RMB 3600 RMB
Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 16000 RMB 3000 RMB

The Benefits of Studying Medicine in China for Pakistani Students

🔹 Above all, China’s economy has been one of the fastest developing in the world, with a solid base. Every university in China is claimed and operated by the Chinese government.
🔹The Pakistani Medical Commission (PMC) has approved 45 top MBBS institutions in China, which means Pakistani students have more options for finding the finest MBBS School in China with a reasonable cost structure.
🔹Every one of the medical colleges in China is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), which implies that the undergrad physician certification obtained by Pakistani students will be recognized worldwide, and the individual can even apply for the USMLE to fill in as a specialist in the United States.
🔹When compared to Pakistan’s medical education, this is a comparative medical program.
🔹Internships in China are legal in Pakistan.
🔹Possibly the most dependable country in the world right now for international students, particularly young females. Every year, about 5000 students from China come to consider MBBS, and the number is growing.
🔹The most affordable package for this five-year MBBS degree program starts at 7 lakhs, which is less than what students must spend in Pakistan.
🔹There are no admission examinations or contributions required for the MBBS confirmation.
🔹Students learn Chinese to profit from their studies in medicine, as Chinese is becoming increasingly popular across the world. People in the surrounding countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, speak Chinese. This means that the students may act as foreign academics in these countries, with the added benefit of speaking with the patients in nearby Chinese. The possibility of the acquisition will be substantially greater.

Quick Facts about MBBS in China 2023-24


PMC, WHO, NMC, WFME, and IMED approved


50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Aggregate

Course Duration

5+1 years with internship


Not Required

Medium of Teaching


MBBS Eligibility Criteria in China

The following are the qualifying requirements for pursuing MBBS in China:

1. Students pursuing PCM must have a 10 + 2 pass with a standard board.
2. In 12th grade, I received 65-70 percent in physics, chemistry, biology, and English.
3.Students must be fluent in English (IELTS is not required).

The MBBS Admissions Process in China

The admission procedure for MBBS in China is as follows::

🔹Apply on the college’s official website. Fill out the online application form.
🔹Please send scanned copies of the papers.
🔹Get the offer letter and save it for future reference.
🔹Pay the registration fees for your preferred college.
🔹You can apply for a visa when you have paid your college tuition and received your confirmation letter
🔹To study in China, you must first get a visa.
🔹Plan a trip to China.
🔹Fly to China and begin attending your classes.

MBBS Documents Required in China University

 The student should have all of his or her documents ready before accepting admission. The following documents are necessary for MBBS in China:
 Passport photocopy
 Copy of 10th ( Matric – O level ) & 12th ( Intermediate – A level ) mark sheets and passing certificates
 Birth certificate, copy of offer letter
 Certificate of Medical Fitness
 10 passport-sized photos
 All papers are authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs.
 Visa charges
 NOC from the Public Authority Address Proof HIV test records and results
 Parents’ or guardians’ bank statements
 Health Coverage
 Report on Covid19

Other MBBS Options for Studying Medicine Abroad:

 MBBS in Russia $3500 Per Year
 MBBS in Georgia $2500 Per Semester
 MBBS in Kazakhstan $2000 Per Semester
 MBBS in Iran $3700 Per Year
 MBBS in Azerbaijan $3500 Per Year
 MBBS in Tajikistan $4500 Per Year
 MBBS in Uzbekistan $3500 Per Year
 MBBS in Kyrgyzstan $3600 Per Year
 MBBS in Romania $12000 Per Year
 MBBS in Netherland 18000 Euro Per Year
 MBBS in the UK 28000 Pound Per Year
 MBBS in Malaysia $15000 Per Year

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding MBBS in China

The MBBS program in China lasts 5+1 years. The training lasts five weeks and the internship lasts one year.

 No, IELTS is not required to study medicine in China. The pupil, on the other hand, should study English

China is regarded for providing the greatest and highest quality MBBS education, as well as having the most experienced faculty and accredited universities for MBBS study in China.

China’s MBBS degrees are recognized internationally.

Top MBBS Universities in China