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Overseas education provides globally acknowledged degrees, a vast selection of courses, reliable healthcare in host countries, stringent regulations to assure safety, great places and cultures to discover, and, most importantly, exciting employment chances after completing your studies overseas.

All of these variables open the way for you to enter a whole new world where you may widen your work horizons and push yourself out of your comfort zone. The dynamic, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere will undoubtedly prepare you for a career in the business.

You gain real-world skills such as problem-solving strategies, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork with others. International degrees and work experience might help you build a strong résumé and portfolio.

Do your homework! Examine the courses, universities, and locations. Before you make a decision, investigate the teaching modules, research possibilities, campus life, and job options. For a broader perspective, ask your friends and family or reach out to alumni of universities of interest. Use Social Media to reach out to them more effectively. Remember to incorporate your budget and available scholarships in your study as well.

We recognize that researching may be a time-consuming process, but we can assist you here. Come to the Consultant Abroad Services - CAS office for a free counseling session, and we'll point you in the right direction.

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Make an appointment with a CAS counselor when you're ready. Our counselors are properly qualified, and many have previously been foreign students. They have a warm demeanor and a plethora of first-hand professional and personal knowledge from various study sites throughout the world.

Bring your wish list and course selections to your consultation as a starting point. Your adviser will go over all of the fine points to guarantee the greatest possible fit between you, your prospective university, and your field of study.

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It's time to apply when you've decided on a degree and a university. Your CAS counselor will help you apply to universities and courses. They will personally contact your preferred institution or school to expedite the process and increase your chances of admittance. We take our job seriously and adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards.

If you need to take an English exam to qualify for your course, prepare well. In an exam like IELTS, it's crucial to be grammatically correct as well as have a diverse vocabulary.

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The most significant action after accepting the letter of offer is to apply for your student visa. Because each country has its unique set of requirements, your IDP counselor will walk you through the visa application process and assist you in preparing the documentation required for submission.

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Make your flight reservations as soon as possible. Try to look at the possibilities with plenty of time to spare so you can keep an eye on price changes and book at the lowest rates. Check your host country's admission criteria and luggage allowance expenses.

Congratulations, you're about to go on a fantastic experience. There will be numerous little but crucial things to consider before going overseas, which your CAS counselor will help you with. This will include money exchange, insurance, and lodging, SIM cards, creating a bank account, foreign regulations, and adjusting to a new culture. Throughout the year, we also provide frequent pre-departure courses to assist you to prepare for student life in your new country.

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