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Romania is a lovely nation in southeastern Europe. Romanians are noted for their friendliness; they are friendly, lively, and opinionated people. Everyone wants a good education that will help them in the future when it comes to furthering their education. Romania is an excellent location for higher education and research. For the students, MBBS is a highly prestigious and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Romania offers a 6-year (5+1) MBBS program. In Romania, the program consists of five years of academic education and one year of internship at prestigious hospitals associated with universities. For both resident and non-resident medical students, it is both inexpensive and of good quality. Admission to the course is quite straightforward because there is no entrance exam.

There are countless job opportunities accessible, as well as high-paying salaries. Students with medical or other professional degrees from Romanian medical institutions can apply to study in any of the other 26 European countries. Pakistan Medical Commission, the World Health Organization (WHO), and UNESCO all accredit medical schools in Romania. Romanian colleges are well-equipped. In Romania, the MBBS degree is known as a "Doctor of Medicine." Romania is an excellent alternative for studying abroad due to the abundance of work prospects available to foreign students. This assertion is reinforced by the fact that there are 6000 foreign students studying in Romania, representing 147 different countries.

Why should you study MBBS in Romania in 2023-24?

There are various notable universities in Romania. Medical education in Romania is of high academic level. Medical courses are available to students in Romanian universities. Tuition in Romania is less expensive than in other countries. Candidates may get all they need for their MBBS studies right here. The nice weather never makes the students miss home. Students will be supplied with housing. There are several opportunities for MBBS candidates to obtain international exposure in this area. Many Romanian universities partner with other institutions on a global scale. They have shortened their admissions procedure for the benefit of the candidates. In Romania, English is the medium of instruction for MBBS students.

All Romanian universities have been recognized by the PMC and WHO. Students will be given several specialized possibilities. There is the possibility to learn a new language. Students can get in-depth medical knowledge thanks to the high-quality educational framework. Candidates will be able to attend MD courses in Romania. Life and dining out are less expensive here. Following completion of the course, Romania provides the following employment options:

• A graduate who has finished the tough MBBS program has a bright future.
• He or she can look for full-time work at a private hospital, apply for a post in a government hospital, start a private practice in Romania, or return to Pakistani to explore the many possibilities.
• Postgraduate studies with specialties in areas of interest are also available to medical graduates.
• A candidate can also study Hospital Administration to get a permanent employment in the medical field.
• Pakistani students who have completed their MBBS abroad must pass a screening test offered by the national board in order to practice in Pakistan. Students who pass the exam can then register with the PMC to practice medicine.
• The purpose of the test is to evaluate an individual's talents, skills, knowledge, and grasp of fundamental medical processes.
• Every foreign medical graduate who wishes to work in the field of medicine in Pakistani territory is offered multiple chances.

Quick MBBS Information for Pakistani Students
Eligibility 70%
IELTS & TOEFL Required
Living Cost €3000 to €4000 per Month
Education Medium English
Recognized by PMC, WHO, NMC, WFME, and IMED approved
Duration of the course (In Years) 5 + 1 year
Romanian Universities courses include

The most popular MBBS disciplines in Romanian medical universities/colleges are mentioned below:

• General Medicine
• Pediatrics Surgery
• Pharmacy
• Dentistry
• Surgery
• Nursing
• PG

Recognition of Romanian MBBS Degrees

Because all Romanian MBBS degrees are recognized by local and international organizations and bodies worldwide, graduates of any Romanian university can practice overseas. All medical colleges and institutes in Romania are globally authorized and recognized. All medical education and other educational programs are regulated and sanctioned by the Ministries of Education and Science, as well as the Ministries of Health (Romania). The degrees and certificates issued to abroad students who graduate from Romanian MBBS colleges/universities have been approved by Romania's Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Furthermore, all medical institutions and universities in Romania are certified and included in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). This credential allows Romanian MBBS College students to take the US Medical Licensing Examinations, as well as pursue Postgraduate Medical (Residency) training and practice in the US. The ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) and the MCC (Medical Council of Canada) acknowledge IMED accreditation, allowing Romanian medical graduates to pursue certification and licensing. In Romania, the following organizations and bodies have authorized and recognized MBBS:

Fee Structure for MBBS in Romania 2023-24:

The following is the cost structure for MBBS in Romania at Romania Medical Universities:

University Name Total Tuition fee with a hostel in USD
Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy 37,200 EURO
Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy 34,800 EURO
Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy 40,900 EURO
University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova 30,000 EURO
University of Oradea 37,200 EURO
Ovidius University 30,000 EURO

MBBS Eligibility Criteria in Romania

• Candidates for MBBS admission in Romania must be at least 17 years old and under the age of 25.
• For MBBS admission in Romania, the applicant must have a science background in 10+2 + English.
• The candidate must have at least 70%.

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MBBS Admission Procedures in Romania 2023-24

Students should exercise caution when it comes to MBBS admission dates in Romania. The undergraduate course starts in mid-August, while the postgraduate program starts in late November. The student must fill out the online entrance form, which may be found on the college's website. For the entrance form, the student must pay a variety of fees online. The student will get an offer letter or a seat confirmation letter from the college or institution in Romania.

After obtaining the offer letter from the institution, the student will have a certain amount of time to pay for the first-semester course admission fee of MBBS in Romania. Following payment of the course fee, the student must apply for a student visa. After obtaining the visa, the student must go to Romania and begin attending lessons. The months of June and July are reserved in Romania for the application procedure for MBBS admission. The institution will send the candidate a confirmation letter within 10 to 15 days (about 2 weeks). It takes some time for the Ministry to approve a Student VISA for study in Romania.

Documents Required for MBBS in Romania

• Birth Certificate (original + copy)
• 10th and 12th grade mark sheets (original and duplicate)
• Original and duplicate migration certificate
• Parents' annual income statements
• Passport (original and duplicate)
• Student visa (original and duplicate)
• Medical reports with passport-sized picture
• Airline tickets

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Every medical university has various admission procedures, so students must exercise caution and conduct appropriate research.

Yes, All Medical Universities are recognized by PMC & WHO.

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