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It is tough for everyone to acclimatize to a new nation and a new environment. Being away from family and friends in a new location is not an easy task for students. Many students struggle to adjust to their new life after arriving in a new country.

Consultant Abroad Services Pvt.Ltd. provides post-departure services to all applicants so that they feel at ease and at home in their new environment. We have a strong network of alumni in various countries, and this network is full of members eager to assist students with various post-departure services such as finding lodging for staying, providing orientation on the surroundings and new culture, providing information after school hours about part-time jobs, airport pickups, and so on.

This information allows incoming students to gain a good sense of the environment and the amenities that are accessible. We make sure that our applicants feel at ease in their new surroundings. Our post-departure services also include airport pickup and overnight accommodations near the campus.

We personally care for our students and advise them on what to do, where to go, and who to contact once they are at university or college. In other words, our counsellors will stay in touch with them for 24 hours after they arrive at their destination and will be there to assist them until they are completely content and established.

We provide orientation workshops on how to adjust to new surroundings and environments, with assistance from alumni from diverse places. We transform the new location into a "home away from home."

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