Study in Poland

Study in Poland: A Guide for International Students

Are you looking for study programs abroad, especially in Europe? Do you want to combine high-quality universities, very affordable tuition fees and a vibrant student and cultural life? If the answer is yes, then all roads lead for you to study in Poland!

Imagine earning your diploma literally in the center of Europe, a fact that opens you doors to work and travel in multiple European destinations. Poland or officially the Republic of Poland, is a central European country with quite a lot of neighboring countries such as Lithuania, the Kaliningrad region, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany.

Further information on studying in Poland

Why study in Poland? It’s an excellent choice you can make for your career due to the country’s excellent higher education system. The Polish system is characterized by affordability, accessibility and specialized focus. Poland has more than 450 HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) and is the home country of the second oldest university in Europe.

The Jagiellonian University was founded by King Casimir III the Great in 1364 and teaches continuously until today with notable alumni like Nicolaus Copernicus, John Paul II or Bronisław Malinowski. Other globally accredited universities in the country include the University of Warsaw, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Łódź Film School, College of Europe Natolin (Warsaw) and the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

The Polish Commission of National Education, established in 1773, is considered the first Ministry of Education internationally. Nowadays, higher tertiary education in Poland is administered by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. In order to maintain their high status, Polish universities are regularly evaluated by the Polish Accreditations Committee, the General Council of Higher Education and the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools.

What courses are available in Poland?

These are some of the most well-liked academic programs offered in Poland by foreign students among the many options available:

1. Information Technology degrees in Poland
2. Business degrees in Poland
3. Social Science degrees in Poland
4. Law degrees in Poland
5. Engineering degrees in Poland

How to apply

Each university in Poland has its own admission system on their website that allows future students to apply for and enrol in their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes. So, once you select the university of your choice, you can go through their application and submit your materials there.

Here are some documents you might need to submit during your university application:

🔶 A scan of your diploma (high school or Bachelor’s degree)
🔶 A transcript/record of your previous courses
🔶 A scan of your passport and/or birth certificate
🔶 Your CV
🔶 Testing scores
🔶 Evidence of scholarship or funding
🔶 Letters of recommendation (2 or 3)
🔶 Portfolio and/or writing samples

Tuition fees

Public universities in Poland implement the following tuition fee structure:

▶️ 0 EUR/year for EU/EEA students if they enrol in Polish-taught degrees
▶️ 500–6,000 EUR/year for Bachelor's programmes
▶️ 1,000–8,000 EUR/year for Master's programmes

Some courses, like MBAs or Dentistry might cost as much as 15,000 EUR per academic year.
Tuition fees are usually even higher at private universities, but you can also find lower-cost degrees.

Living costs in Poland

The average living expenses in most Polish cities are around 350–550 EUR per month. In larger cities, like Krakow or Warsaw, students will need between 500 and 850 EUR.

There are many different options for arranging student accommodation in Poland. They vary depending on the city and higher education institution you choose.

Many Polish higher education institutions (HEIs) have their own dormitories, which are usually the cheapest option available. However, most Polish students prefer to rent a room in a private apartment.

▶️ Student residence halls: 60–150 EUR/month
▶️ Rent in a private flat: 80–150 EUR/month plus the utilities bill (100–150 EUR)

Health insurance
Healthcare in Poland is available for students from EU/EEA countries, provided that they hold valid medical insurance in the national insurance system of their country. A valid passport, student identity card or doctoral student identity card and a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles its holder to medical care free of charge in Poland.

Non-EU/EEA students need to get a private healthcare insurance plan.

Other monthly living expenses

▶️ Food and groceries: 100–150 EUR/month
▶️ Transport: 50 EUR for a semester pass, valid for 6 months
▶️ Books and study materials: 20–50 EUR/month
▶️ Social events and entertainment: 30–70 EUR/month

How to Apply to a Master's in Poland

If you've decided to study a Master's degree at a university in Poland, you will have to gather the right documents to prove that you fit the university requirements. Provide complete personal information, previous qualifications, financial information, and a personal statement.

What documents do I need to provide to apply in Poland?

To apply to a university in Poland you will likely be asked to provide some of the following documents:

🔶birth certificate;
🔶recent photos;
🔶your passport or national identity card;
🔶one or more reference letters from past employers or teachers;
🔶copies of past diplomas or certificates,
🔶including your graduated Bachelor's degree;
🔶academic transcripts;
🔶letter of intent;
🔶Curriculum Vitae;
🔶Some form of proof that you can support your stay in the country during your studies.

Depending on the subject or specialization of your chosen Master's, you might also be asked to provide scores for additional tests like the GRE, GMAT or LSAT. Check if your programme requires any of these, or others.

The list of documents depends on the specific requirements of universities in Poland so you might be asked to include additional documents. It’s also likely you’ll have to provide official English translations of your documents, or translations in the local language.

Application deadlines for Poland

The deadlines for applying to a Master's in Poland are usually during summer (June-July), or in winter (January-February). Keep in mind that some universities don’t have application deadlines, which means you can apply whenever you are ready.

To avoid delays or missed deadlines send your required documents with plenty of time in advance.

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