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Study in Russia for Pakistani students

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The country’s capital and largest city is Moscow. Russia is known for their higher education system. Education in Russia is similar in structure to the central European system. It is recognized leader in the training of doctors, chemist, physicists, engineers, programmers, media and many more creative professions. Russia is very popular among international students. It is the most safest country for tourism as well as students for education. There is no crime rate in. The interesting fact about Russia is it has the worlds longest Railway and has one of the Busiest Metros. MBBS in Russia is becoming a popular among Pakistani student it offers a high quality education and a low cost fee structure. Russia is a top option for international students who is looking to study medicine. A student who finishes medical school in Russia is gradually eligible for practice medicine. Russia is a significant Muslim population so Halal food is frequently available and easy to buy. Russian peoples are so hospitable and welcoming they like to spend time together. International students can work on a student visa too. Russia has one of the largest economies is powered by natural resources like oil and natural gas production that ranked highly globally. Russia is a diverse country filled with different traditions and culture.

Written by: Sana Vohra from CAS Education Consultant

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